How to Decorate Around a Mounted TV

How to Decorate Around a Mounted TV

Your TV is the focal point of your living room. It’s a great way to watch your shows, but it can also make other spaces in the room feel kind of blah. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get the most out of your space while still enjoying that big screen!

Embrace symmetry.

  • Embrace symmetry. When you approach the wall, center and level your TV, then mark where it will hang. Place a level or laser level on the wall so that it runs vertically from top to bottom and horizontally from left to right. If your mark isn’t straight up and down or centered horizontally and vertically, adjust accordingly.
  • Balance is key: Hang a picture frame just above or below your mounted television set for aesthetic balance. If you go with something large like an oil painting or sculpture, make sure it’s balanced by placing another small piece of art at the other end of your gallery wall!

Match your TV to the wall.

Match the color of your mounted TV to the wall. Here are some suggestions.

  • If the wall behind your TV is white, match it with a white or lighter-colored frame.
  • If you have gray walls, consider a black or dark gray frame.
  • If you have beige walls, consider a light brown or tan frame and mount to complement that color palette.

Match the color of your mounted TV to its mount/stand.

If your mount has a dark finish that matches the overall look of your decor (bronze for example), match it with dark finishes on other accessories like lamps and vases around the room, so they don’t detract from one another visually. This will also help ensure that everything flows together seamlessly without looking mismatched!

Make it fit.

When you’re decorating around a mounted TV, it’s important to consider what the TV will be doing in the room. Is it going to be the focal point? An accent piece? What is the background of your decor?

  • Is it too large for the space? If so, try scaling back on some of your other elements until the size is right.
  • Are there any special considerations—like leaving enough room for the cords—that must be taken into account?

Give your TV a little space.

It’s no secret that most folks these days have at least one television in their home, and many households have multiple. It’s not a great idea to crowd the TV with as much furniture as possible. This is actually a mistake that can detract from an otherwise inviting living room. Too much furniture around a mounted TV will make it look smaller than it really is—and even worse, will detract from the focal point of your room!

Keep heat sources away from your mounted TV. You don’t want to put your mounted television near any sort of heat source (such as an open fireplace or heater), because this could damage the surface of your screen over time. 

Similarly, if you’re mounting it above something like an aquarium or other water source (yes, people do this!), make sure that there are at least 10 inches between them for safety reasons. Your pets may love climbing on top of things—and sometimes they’ll even climb on your TV when they get bored! If you know that any pet in your household has tendencies towards scratching things up while sitting still then consider placing something soft underneath where they might sit so that they don’t cause permanent damage to either themselves or anything else nearby.

Accessorize the space around your TV.

  • Use the TV as a focal point.
  • Use mirrors to reflect light.
  • Bring nature into the room with plants and flowers, especially if you have a lot of windows in your living room.
  • Decorate with artwork that matches your TV and other furniture such as sofas, chairs, tables and lamps.
  • Rugs define spaces, so use them to keep things looking neat and tidy.
  • Decorative pillows add color!

Mix up the textures.

One of the best ways to break up the monotony of a simple wall is by mixing up the textures. That doesn’t mean you have to go all out with contrasting materials, like wood, metal and stone; it can also be as simple as using two different colors or patterns on a single material.

For example, let’s say your walls are painted white and you’d like to add some warmth to your space without breaking the bank on new paint colors. You could add some texture by choosing a wall hanging with detailed patterns.

If you’re looking for something more whimsical and vintage-looking with lots of character (and not much money involved), try mounting some woven baskets on your TV stand! The mix of wood tones will help give your living room extra dimension without breaking up its flow too much—and if you ever want a change, they’re easy enough to remove from their hooks, so they won’t leave any permanent holes in your walls!

Incorporate shelving for balance.

  • Adding shelving will help balance the space by adding visual interest to an area that is otherwise dominated by your TV.
  • Shelving can also be used to add storage, making it a win-win situation.

We hope these tips will help you make your mounted TV look amazing. Remember that there’s no one right way to decorate, so start with what you like and go from there. The best thing about this project is that it will grow with you as your tastes change and your home evolves over time.
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