Mobile County

Today, Mobile County is one of the populous counties in the state of Alabama with over 414,000 residents residing within the county’s limits. The county has grown exponentially in recent years with the growth of the county chair, Mobile, Alabama, and will continue to grow as new businesses and families choose Mobile County as their home. However, despite the success of the county today, it had humble beginnings. Mobile County adopted the county constitution in August of 1817, two years before Alabama became a state, and Mobile was designated as the county seat. The name “Mobile” actually stems from the Choctaw word for “paddlers,” keeping both the city and county close to its heritage.

Since its founding over 200 years ago, Mobile County’s borders have changed numerous times. However, the county has continued to move forward to do great things. Today, Mobile County is lively as ever with hundreds of events happening around in the county’s nine municipalities throughout the year.

Mobile, Alabama is currently the largest municipality within the county and contains a variety of options regarding shopping, eateries, and events. One of the biggest attractions in Mobile is USS Alabama at Battleship Memorial Park. The USS Alabama was home to 2,500 marines as they fought in War World II and served time in the South Pacific Seas. The ship was meant to be scrapped in 1962, but a group of school children raised money for the City of Mobile to buy the ship and turn it into a museum. In 1965, that wonderful dream came true as the USS Alabama opened to the public. Mobile also has amazing options for dining. One of our personal favorites is The Noble South. Located in the heart of Downtown Mobile, The Noble South has mastered southern cuisine, providing fresh farm-to-table dishes so the menu is never the same.

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