In the South, we are on a first-name basis with tumultuous weather conditions and unexpected storms. Whenever you are caught in one of these storms, you should be able to rely on your generator. Generators provide electricity so that you are able to stay in touch with loved ones, enjoy small comforts and feel more secure. Proper generator installation is essential to it functioning properly. Don’t take the risk of a malfunction when you need it most. Contact the experts at Mount Man Electric today.


At Mount Man Electric, our team is highly qualified and experienced with generator installation, maintenance and services. We want to be your go-to source for all things electrical, including generators. Our generator services are comprehensive. What does it take for a generator to be installed?

  • Properly identify the space where the generator will be installed. Ideal locations are at least 1 ½ feet from the structure, as well as 50 inches from any openings, like doors or windows.
  • Place pea gravel or a concrete slab for stable ground. This is where the unit will be placed.
  • Our technicians will connect the fuel line, transfer switch and generator to the main building’s electrical system.
  • Wiring will be tested and secured.

With Mount Man Electric, the generator installation process should not take more than one day.

Why Should I Choose Mount Man Electric?

Mount Man Electric is family-owned and operated within the Mobile, Alabama area. We fondly remember the times spent watching movies with our children, spending evenings outdoors and even huddling during storms. That is why we make it our mission to provide high-quality TV, lighting and generator installations so that you can make memories in your home too. Our highly-trained team is ready to serve you and your loved ones. As members of the community, we are active in the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, and we were listed as Small Business of the Month in March 2021. Schedule or book an appointment with us today so that you can make more memories tomorrow.