Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of this Agreement Term. You will have accepted this Agreement and be bound by its terms upon the earlier of (a) your deposit on the Invoice and the Acceptance, (b) your acknowledgement or acceptance of this Agreement electronically, (c) the effective date of any installation as provided in Sections 2 below, or (d) your use of the Services.

Installation. The Company agrees to provide and install all services in a workmanlike manner, and you agree to pay all applicable installation charges. You agree to make the Premises available without interruption during the Company’s normal working hours to permit completion of job. You understand that installation of the wall mount may require drilling into various parts of the Premises or other interior or exterior work that may require access to non-visible areas. It is the intent of the Company to conceal wiring in the finished areas of the Premises, however, there may be areas where the Company determines, in its sole discretion, that it is impractical to conceal wiring. In such areas, wiring will be exposed and the Company shall not be liable for loss due to water intrusion, mold, fungi, wet or dry rot or bacteria. Any service calls made after the completion of installation may result in a convenience fee up to $75.00. You must notify the Company in writing of any problems with the installation within thirty (30) days after the completion of installation.

Travel. Mount Man of Mobile LLC will Travel up to 4hrs away. Our travel fee is up to $150 or $1 per mile depending on the distance. Travel fee is applied to appointments further than 1hr away from our home office located at 3929 Airport Blvd Mobile, Alabama 36609.

Work Authorization. An adult at least 19 years old must be present to authorize and approve all work completed. You confirm that we have the right and are allowed to do the work you requested at the premises (e.g., you’ve obtained any necessary permission from a landlord or homeowner’s association).

Safety. We require a safe working environment and reserve the right to refuse or reschedule service due to conditions we deem dangerous or unsafe, including but not limited to possible code violations, extreme temperatures, natural disasters, or other hazards – real or perceived. Some items to be hauled away may require additional equipment/personnel to safely remove, which may result in a delay or rescheduling of the haul-away.

Access / Workspace Conditions. We require access to the premises and product related to service, your cooperation, and electrical power. Some services may not be performed if minimum system requirements are not met, technical issues are encountered (such as wiring or overcoming physical/technical barriers), or requirements are unusual or extensive, as determined by us. You are responsible for moving/removing furniture or valuables from the work area prior to our arrival, as the work area must be clear of obstacles. Service may be denied and a cancellation fee charged if we arrive for an appointment and no adult is present or we determine we do not have appropriate access or cooperation from those on-site. If our ability to render service is impaired by you or circumstances beyond our control, we may elect to not provide service. For any un-installation service, we are not responsible for repairing any changes made to the premises. We will not disassemble or break down product for haul-away service even if necessary for removal.

Plaster. Installations on plaster surfaces may result in cracking/chipping. We will use reasonable efforts to try to eliminate that possibility but are not responsible for chipping/cracking that may occur from our service.

Limited Warranty. All services provided by The Company include the wall mount best specified for your television. The Company guarantees the stability of the wall mount provided during your installation. We provide a 1-yr workmanship warranty on applicable services; If a service call is needed within the warranty period, you will be charged $75.00 plus applicable taxes at the time of scheduling – which will be refunded to you if we determine, at our sole discretion, that there was a defect in our workmanship. This warranty begins from the date of service completion. In the event that you require relocation or removal of your television, you must notify the Company 72 hours prior to the need of relocation/removal services. Any service call regarding relocation or removal may result in a convenience fee up to $75.00.

Removal. If we remove your product for service and damage/loss occurs while in our custody, you are entitled to repair, replacement, or refund of its fair market value, as determined by us at our sole discretion. Replacement may be made with a product of comparable quality and features.

Delays. We will try to complete service as quickly as possible, but we are not responsible for delays caused by factors beyond our control.

Cable/Satellite/Internet. Cable/satellite/internet installation should be completed prior to service so we can ensure proper integration. We are not responsible for signal strength or degradation due to faulty equipment or lines. If the cable/satellite/internet provider modifies any part of our work, you will be charged a service fee of $75 plus applicable taxes to reestablish functionality per the original installation scope of work.

Service Repair Dispatch Fee. If we have to dispatch a truck for repair of your service not faulted by Mount Man of Mobile there will be a fee of $99 due. Additional charges may apply for new wiring, new jack or cable run.

Dispatch on Demand Fee. If you refuse to troubleshoot, the Dispatch on Demand fee of $99 will apply. Additional charges may occur for new wiring, new jack or cable run.

Immediate Appointments. The Company must be notified with in 72 hours prior to the need of any service. An Emergency Surcharge of $100.00 will be added to any invoice that requires an appointment within a 1hr-48hr time frame. The minimum amount of $100.00 is required to secure a rush(immediate) appointment. The Emergency Surcharge of $100 is non-refundable.

Changes/Cancellations. You must notify us of any change or cancellation at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment. We may cancel an order if, due to no fault of our own, service has not been completed or rescheduled within 45 days of placement.

Refunds. Mount Man of Mobile allows no refund on services that have been rendered. All other service fees (e.g., setup, installation, repair) are nonrefundable once service begins. All equipment under warranty will be repaired or replaced according to the manufacture’s warranty.

Restocking Fees. Some items provided by Mount Man of Mobile have a restocking fee of $75.00 if returned by any customer (e.g., Ring Products, Nest Products, Dahua Products)

Nonrefundable Charges. Deposits are nonrefundable once an appointment has been scheduled. Pick Up/Delivery fee is nonrefundable once delivery is completed. All other service fees (e.g., setup, installation, repair) are nonrefundable once service begins.

Estimates/Added Costs. We will provide an estimate for work to be done where service was not already purchased or an added cost (e.g., missing parts) beyond the purchased service is required. Added costs may apply to orders where the service required exceeds the scope of work for services purchased or service is performed outside the standard service area as called out during the scheduling process. You agree to pay up to the estimate amount. After evaluation, but before service begins, we will obtain your approval for services that exceed your estimate.

Payments. Payments are due in full at the completion of your scheduled appointment via Cashier’s Check, Money Order, or Credit/Debit. Failure to remit payment for services rendered within 3 business days will result in a late penalty of 15% of total balance or $25. whichever is greater. Failure to Remit payment within 30 days will result in an additional fee of $75.00 for every 30 days the invoice remains past due. Future appointments made will require FULL payment due at the time of booking.