5 Reasons Why Your Lighting is Going Out Too Often

You come home one day, flip on the lights and nothing happens. You try again, but nothing. If this is a rare occurrence, or you’re having problems with only one light, you may need to replace a bulb. But if it keeps happening, there could be something more serious going on.

So what are some common reasons why the lights aren’t working? Here are five of them.

Your breakers are tripping.

When you’re installing a light fixture or appliance, it’s important to use the right size breaker for the job. If you use a breaker that is too small, it will trip whenever that new load is turned on. If you use a breaker that is too big, it won’t trip until something goes wrong and causes an overload situation. Neither of these scenarios is ideal — but they can easily be avoided by using the proper size breaker when wiring up your home’s electrical system.

Your lights are bulb-sensitive.

If you’re noticing that your lights are flickering more than usual–your bulbs could be the reason why! Bulbs can be sensitive to the weather. If the bulbs have been installed outdoors and/or are subjected to high winds, rain and snow, it’s possible that they are being damaged by these conditions.

If this is the case, you may need new bulbs (or different types of bulbs altogether!) in order to avoid future issues with flickering lights.

Your lighting system is too old.

Your lighting may also be going out because the system is too old. If you’ve had the same lights in your house for more than five years, it may be time to replace them with newer models. The components inside light fixtures wear out over time, and while they may still be safe to use, they won’t be as effective as they were before.

Your system has exposed or cut wires.

If you see exposed or cut wires, do not touch them. It is important to keep the wires in a box, so when the light fixture begins to fail, you can still use them safely. If there are exposed wires, make sure they are taped up with electrical tape before attempting to fix anything else on that fixture. If they have been cut, call an electrician immediately.

There are defective parts in your lighting system

If your lighting system has gone out more than once, it’s possible that there are defective parts in your lighting system. To fix this problem, you’ll need to replace these defective parts. If you’re not sure how to do this yourself, we recommend calling for assistance. Fortunately, our team of professional electricians are on call!

If your lights are going out too frequently in your home, it could be a sign of a major electrical problem. If you’ve checked the breakers and bulbs and found no problems, then it may be time to call an electrician. A professional can inspect your system and determine whether there are defective parts, or wiring issues that need to be repaired. No matter the situation, our team of professionals at Mount Man Electric can help! Visit www.mountmanelectric.com to learn more about our qualifications, as well as other services that we offer.